Muerte entre las flores

viernes, noviembre 10, 2006

Brutalidad policial en Los Angeles

En el video se puede ver como la víctima dice que no puede respirar varias veces. Afortunadamente está vivo y espero que ponga una demanda.

El texto que sigue a continuación es el que acompaña al vídeo en you tube, en el que se explica el suceso, siempre desde el punto de vista de la persona que recibe la paliza, claro. Es inglés sencillido así que no creo que nadie tenga ningún problema en leerlo.

"On August 11th, 2006, William Cardenas, 24 from Hollywood, California was arrested and brutally beaten by the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The cops would have gotten away with the beating if it wasn't for a neighbor who video-taped the beating on her camera.

William Cardenas was still arrested and is still being charged with 2 counts of Penal Code 69, which is a felony "use of violence or threat of violence to prevent an officer from performing their duty." The District Attorney's Office is also adding a one year "gang" enhancement, alleging that his conduct was intended to benefit his alleged gang membership. However, William doesn't have a history of gang involvement until now, or since the LAPD put it on his record.

In the video of the arrest, you can see two white cops, Patrick Farrell and Alexander Schlege, on top of William. Schlege held William down and held his hands while Farell choked William with his knee and punched him several times with a full fist into the side of his face. Throughout the police assault, you can clearly hear Cardenas struggling to get words out of his mouth that he was choking and couldn't breathe yet the blows from Farrell continue.

Joaquin Cienfuegos, an organizer with Cop Watch Los Angeles stated, "We feel that these are experiences that dehumanize people. They are taking away the human rights or William Cardenas, and therefore we do not see the police as 'officers of the law' or give them any respect -- since this video supports the view that they are vicious animals who treat us as their prey."

For most young working class people of color this is not new. We get stopped, harassed, brutalized, and sometimes even killed by the police in our communities simply due to the color of our skin, where we live, or how we dress and look. We are stopped and humiliated for looking a certain way; they take pictures of us and we are added to the gang database; and baseless "gang enhancements" are charged by the District Attorney's office. Most of the time, police actions do not get caught on camera, and are therefore hidden from the public.

A member from Cop Watch Los Angeles who wishes to remain anonymous states, "We are building a movement, along with other community organizations to stop this brutality and murder - which is nothing more than neo-colonialism - a crime against humanity. We need to defend our communities and ourselves from these racist policies and what we see as an occupying army that is the LAPD who terrorize us and our communities on a daily basis. The police who patrol us do not even live in our communities, so they do not know how to relate to us, and don't know how to deal with our specific problems that can be handled without the use of brutality and murder. The policing that occurs in no way serves or protects us."

Cop Watch Los Angeles empowers the community to patrol the police, to watch them, and take direct action to build liberated zones. We believe that communities can organize themselves. Through self-determination, we can deal with our own safety and defense through popular assemblies and direct-democratic community councils. We can build our own community defense and look after one another, so we won't have police brutality.

Cop Watch Los Angeles is supporting William Cardenas, who is still facing criminal charges. Action against the cops Pattrick Farell and Alexander Schlege will be taken as well. Williams is scheduled for another court hearing on November 9, 2006 in Department 115 at 8:30 a.m. William is being defended, pro bono, by private attorney B. Kwaku Duren.

COPWATCH Los Angeles Office - c/o Chuco's Justice Center 235 West Martin Luther King Blvd., L.A., CA 90037